LTspice printer-friendly settings

Printer-friendly charts

By default LTspice uses a set of colors suited only for displaying on a computer screen, but with a couple of problems:

Fortunately, the colors can be changed easily. From the “Tools” menu pick “Color preferences”.

From the “Color palette editor” pick the “WaveForm” tab.

For every “Selected Item” from the table below we set the colors:

Item Red Green Blue
Background 255 255 255
Grid 0 0 0
Axis 0 0 0
Inactive axis 0 0 0

Now the “Preview” area should look like this:

Printer-friendly schematics

Using the same steps as above, go to the “Color Palette Editor”.

From here configure the following items:

Item Red Green Blue
Wires 0 0 0
Junctions 0 0 0
Component body 0 0 0
Graphic flag 0 0 0
Unconnected pin 0 0 0
Background 255 255 255

Labeled blocks inside schematics

From the menus, we choose:

With these, we split larger circuits into blocks, and label these blocks. The text comments are ignored by the simulation engine, being useful only for the end-users.

Labeled nets

We can tie together two points on the schematic without drawing a wire between them. If two points on the schematics are labeled with the same “net” name, the simulation backend considers them as being the same. Another useful detail is that on the chart resulting from the simulation, the traces are labeled with their net name.


We can observe the following details:


Keyboard shortcut Role
F2 Add component
F3 Add wire
F4 Add label
F9 Undo
G Add GND connection
R Add resistor
C Add capacitor
L Add inductor
Ctrl+R Rotate
Ctrl+E Mirror