Linux USB/IP configuration

The usbip project aims to allow sharing and accessing USB ports across the network. A computer that accesses a remote USB port can use the device plugged in there as if it was plugged in locally.

Server-side configuration

sudo modprobe usbip_host
sudo usbipd &
sudo usbip list -l
sudo usbip bind -b <usb_port>

To see the available ports, run usbip list -l. The <usb_port> is in the form 1-1.5.

You might need to open the port in the firewall for the usbipd daemon: TCP port 3240.

⚠️ The “usbipd” server does not use any authentication! Use only on trusted networks!

Client-side configuration

Attaching a remote USB port:

sudo modprobe vhci-hcd
sudo usbip list -r <server_ip>
sudo usbip attach -r <server_ip> -b <usb_port>

Detaching a remote USB port:

sudo usbip port
sudo usbip detach -p <local_usb_port>